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Oct 20

brklyn said: have you tried watching your fleece tights with a cup of vinegar in the washing machine? I mean usually I just do that when my towels smell like ass, but I'm assuming it works when other things are also smelling like ass. Just a suggestion.

I haven’t!  I know that works on mildew/general grodiness, but I feel like the smell is part of the fabric’s DNA. It’s just so synthetic. I will definitely give it a shot and pray to yaweh it works.

Am I the only one whose anthro fleece leggings reek? I thought this was a more common complaint but now it looks like I am the lone standing cheese. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  1. averyhappylife said: I’ve never noticed a smell at all and I’m super smell-sensitive. Maybe it was just a bad batch or something? Weird.
  2. profashional said: nope. they smell funny, they are super see-through for being allegedly fleece-lined and are really short in the crotch. overall, not my best purchase.
  3. messily said: I’m with meg - I hated the two seams and shininess so much that I didn’t have time to notice if they smelled before returning them.
  4. megburns said: I think I am the lone complainer about the fact that they’re shiny and give you the most terrible case of diaper butt I’ve ever seen. That fit is just wrong… why two seams?? what’s wrong with one??
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