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I need an adult!

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Dec 26

Food Follow Up: 12/19 Menu

Turkey meatballs and garlic bread - the BEST meatball recipe I’ve ever tried, I make it every couple of months. The lemon zest and fennel seed are so bright and the homemade tomato sauce is super simple and fresh. The garlic bread alongside is non-negotiable. I grate my garlic on a microplane. 

Chicken stew with butternut squash and quinoa - good, but Micah is not a quinoa fan so I don’t think I’ll remake unless I’m prepared to eat almost all of it myself. I also found it annoying that the recipe asks you to dirty every dish you own. Not necessary.

Orecchiette carbonara - actually using orecchiette made it better, I swear to you. Previously reviewed here.

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