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I need an adult!

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Feb 4

It’s like 4 in the afternoon, it’s raining, I’m waiting for pizza to get here and researching new Ben & Jerry’s flavors. 

Favorite day. 

  1. sashayrae said: The B&J Boston Cream Pie is no joke.
  2. mee-ag-han said: dream life
  3. zoewscott said: onsecondscoop is the best thing that ever happened to the ice cream fiend in me. besides actually eating ice cream.
  4. pullmyfoamfinger said: i spent 20 minutes on the taco bell website today. that’s all.
  5. norlypleaseexcusethemess said: Kindly mention to Armand that they’d be a lot cooler if they also delivered Ben and Jerry’s
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