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I need an adult!

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May 8

Ja Rule | Holla Holla

Don’t act like you didn’t need this today.

  1. happyhumanscribblings said: What happened to Ja Rule? I wonder thjs on a weekly basis.
  2. twolimessplease said: holy morning perfecter (is that a word? you know, perfect-er/perfect-or: maker of perfect mornings? it’s all so confusing.) high five just the same…question mark?
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  4. whatyousaybabyk said: it’s murdahhhhhhhhhhh
  5. sashayrae said: Ja Rule sounds like the rapping Cookie Monster and I love it.
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    this reminds me of driving through south campus at syracuse. and that one time I found a $20 bill outside that idiot’s...
  7. maryanne said: I always thought if Ja Rule were an animal, he’d be a rat. He’s just got rat facies.
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