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I need an adult!

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May 12
Spike’s new favorite activity: deck time.

Spike’s new favorite activity: deck time.

  1. cuhsandruh said: Gus LOVES balcony time. As soon as I unlock the door, he comes shooting out from wherever he’s hiding.
  2. cynicismandspunk said: He looks like he might need some SPF.
  3. sodamn-lucky said: Smells like fried chicken.
  4. 3rdcoastfieldnotes said: i really think your cat & my dog would be great friends.
  5. monita said: Spike is a boss. I’d never been interested in having a cat, let alone a hairless one, until I saw this guy.
  6. averyhappylife said: Does he have to wear sunscreen?
  7. dailybaxter said: Will he sunburN?
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