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I need an adult!

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Jul 5
You are not Bieber no one cares about this.

You are not Bieber no one cares about this.

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  2. dailybaxter said: Why does this exist?
  3. aotakesonchicago said: But Steph: You can “Be yourself, and you can be anything” What an inspiring film this will be
  4. girlwearsmascara said: had no desire to see bieber. want to go see this RIGHT NOW.
  5. cynicismandspunk said: Precisely.
  6. emilyvianc said: Part of me actually wants to see this, unlike the whole of me that had no desire to see Justin Bieber’s movie… unfortunately a 14 hour flight will make you desperate enough to watch even his god-awful movie.
  7. baucomblog said: amen and amen
  8. phillyfilly said: speak for yourself! last night a bunch of drunk 16 year old girls were at the midnight showing in glitter headbands and i almost skipped moonrise kingdom b/c it looked so fun. ALMOST.
  9. ibroughtyousometoast said: I care about this. In 3D.
  10. asitypethis said: I kinda want to see this…
  11. stickyhide said: wait, is she licking a lollipop or writing in her journal? I can’t quite tell….
  12. luciwithani said: THANK YOU. she is Terrible.
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