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I need an adult!

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Aug 9

On “Up & Coming” Neighborhoods.

I live in one. I like it. 

The majority of the people who live there are darker than I am, and that doesn’t bother me an iota. (Hello and welcome to the District. Black people live here. Carry on.) For the most part, they aren’t bothered by me either. It’s basically a kumbaya circle of warmth and welcoming. 

Maybe it’s all in my head, but I’m hyper-aware and the absolute.last.thing I want to come off as is a prissy white girl who’s afraid of her neighbors. It’s not the case. I walk with my head high, say hello to everyone who passes me on the sidewalk, and smile at those too far away to hear me. It’s working pretty well so far.

Sometimes, it doesn’t work at all. My how are yous are met with hmms and silences, averted eyes, staredowns. I’ve even gotten a frown back. And you know what? I totally get that. I get that the people who have lived here for years see me and know what’s around the corner. “Oh good, the yuppies are here to take over! Soon there’ll be a Whole Foods a block away and I will be priced right out of town. Can’t wait.” 

I actually think about that a lot - what gentrification does, what happens to the existing residents. To be edged out of your own home…makes me sad. 

I never know where I’m going with these introspective posts, I guess I’m just trying to say I accept the occasional shade thrown my way. 

  1. shesagoodegg said: I totally get this. Very same experience in my neighborhood in Portland (oregon) which is a very white city. Historically my ‘hood was one of the few places that black people could buy houses in due to racist real estate practices. I
  2. champagne-and-icecream said: i live in columbia heights - same thing for me!
  3. bkroro said: I like you.
  4. ichwerdeniewiederwarten said: There have been a lot of articles/discussion pieces in the WaPo about this lately, and it does get me to thinking. Complicated stuff.
  5. imnotthatkindofgirl said: also, they could just be people who don’t like to talk to strangers. I avoid all strangers until forced to engage. And yes, a smile and hello as we pass is engaging.
  6. glassowhine said: I just saw a play that dealt with this exact issue, Clybourne Park. I’m not sure if it’s touring yet, but it was great and I highly recommend it!
  7. meredithbklyn said: just found out a friend bought a condo in your neighb! you’ll have to come to her housewarming with me! :)
  8. itsbobonline said: My day job is an urban planner…people always talk about how they want gentrification and it bugs me because nobody ever acknowledges or understands that it’s a double edged sword.