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I need an adult!

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Nov 27

Y’all go ahead

But I have no desire to skydive, bungee jump, drive cars really really fast, or do anything else extremely. 

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    This.My mother went skydiving and I rode in the plane (in the cockpit) with her (supportive, no?) and when they opened...
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  5. stickyhide said: My BIL wants to go skydiving for his bachelor party. No. Just no. I do not want the only person in the world that truly gets me to go falling from the sky for kicks.
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    I forgot to tell you guys a bunch of my co-workers are going skydiving. There’s a sign up sheet at the nurses station....
  7. ahappyernie said: yep! i just saw a living social deal for skydiving (so many things wrong with that anyway) and the same thing went through my head…you could not pay me money…no thank you
  8. sixohthree said: weirdly i never want to bungee jump b/c the snap back freaks me out but have a strong desire to sky dive. and i will never pierce anything besides me ears for fear of things being ripped from body parts but i already have tattoos and want more.
  9. petermcallisterthefaaather said: i just spent 10 minutes making that, btw
  10. champagne-campaign said: me too. scaredy cat for life.