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I need an adult!

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Dec 13
“1. Meatball sub consumption is bordering on a medical issue, 2. Once during sex, I heard him whisper “this is not what I want,” 3. He has Bea Arthur’s body.” This list of Max’s faults is the definitive reason to watch Happy Endings if you are (stupidly) still dragging your heels. 

  1. irrationalurges said: "It was a whisper, but it felt like a yell."
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  3. afoodbeast said: like alex, can’t stand dave, lose him
  4. mylifeinstitches said: I want to watch happy endings, but can’t find anywhere online to watch it!
  5. stickyhide said: it was a whisper but it sounded like a shout
  6. yungsunshine said: DAVE NEEDS TO GO. Alex can stay because she plays off Penny extremely well.
  7. sashayrae said: Alex is hands down the worst character on the show. Kill her off.
  8. aotakesonchicago said: "it was in fact a whisper, but it felt like a scream"
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