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I need an adult!

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Aug 3
What have I become

What have I become

  1. vneckandacardigan said: IVE GIVEN MY LIFE OVER TO CANDY CRUSH
  2. pforman said: Wait until you see candies as you are falling asleep at night.
  3. snarkfarm reblogged this from haygirlhay and added:
    This game steals souls and ruins lives.
  4. sixohthree said: I cheat and manually change the time in my phone to skip ahead and get more lives!
  5. igotfeldup said: Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you.
  6. mbinboston reblogged this from haygirlhay and added:
    Ugh I started playing today out of curiosity, and now I’m totally addicted.
  7. definitelyjennifer said: i finally fell down this rabbit hole last week and was devastated when i beat level 35 yesterday and couldn’t figure out how to get past it. all to say: i feel your pain
  8. ty-hannah-saurus-rex said: There is a way to get back your lives. Change your year in your phone to a year ahead. Open candy crush. They replenished. Don’t play those lives. Change back your year and okay.
  9. carolinek said: I started playing. Then g started playing. It is a disaster.