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I need an adult!

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Aug 1

A baby was born at the L’Enfant Plaza Metro platform today


So be glad your Thursday hasn’t been that weird.

And then it stole its first iphone

May 25

Highs and Lows

+ My (significant ((finally))) raise showed up in this week’s pay 

- I’ll be spending the bulk of tomorrow at the DMV

+ Packing up in 2 hours to finish out the workday on the couch

- The igniter in our brand new oven seems to have shit the bed. Thank you for your 2 weeks of service -___-

+ This marks the first weekend in I don’t even know that my husband and I will be in the same place at the same time for more than a few waking hours

- We’ll most likely be spending it running errands and possibly staining the deck (DREAM BIG)

+ Couple’s bonding time?