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I need an adult!

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May 15

Yo, it is still work.

I cannot keep my eyes from sliding upwards into my head when companies try to act like they’re so fun because they sit on balls instead of chairs and have ironic office decorations and host a weekly happy hour. 

That’s neat and everything, and you shouldn’t have to hate every second of your employed life, but it’s koolaid. They’re just hoping to trick you into thinking you want to be at work longer. They give you everything you need not out of the goodness of their corporate hearts, but so you have no reason to leave. Not falling for that shit.

It’s okay to have interests outside of the scope of your career. You can put in your time, do your job well, and then go home and live a life. Right? I feel like fewer and fewer people feel this way.

I don’t know where this post came from or where it’s going but here it is.