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Apr 26

In which “fixing” things eliminates no problems and creates new ones.

The phone people at work did something, no one knows what or why really, and since Friday no one has been able to get through by dialing my work number or reach my voicemail. It connects to the voicemail of the person who did this job over five years ago.

Okay, fine. Way to completely botch that but like do I really want to talk to anyone? Nope. Thank you for the silence. 

Someone came to make it right today, and now instead of no one calling me, my line has been connected to the regular theatre line. The one listed for the public. Meaning my phone rings every 2 minutes and it’s a schmo I’m not in any place to deal with on the other end.

So I’m just sitting at my desk, trying to ignore an endlessly ringing phone, because I forgot to tell you I don’t have caller ID, and I also can’t transfer anyone for reasons no one understands.

TL;DR - Living my nightmare right now.