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Jan 24

10 Health “Tips” You’ll Never See on Your Healthista


  1. If you think you’re hungry, you’re probably just thirsty. Drink more water! Your body needs 8 glasses of water a day! (Nope.)
  2. Try to choose low-fat foods as much as possible. Fat in food = fat on your body! (Ugh, so sick of this “tip.”)
  3. Check your BMI. That will help you figure out a healthy weight for your height. (This actually a really dangerous “tip.”)
  4. Look for foods that say on the label how great they are for you! (Then you’d just end up with crap like this. I’m sure the “B vitamins” in that artificial sweetener are super good for you….)
  5. If it tastes good, it’s probably bad for you. (This one just annoys me because it’s so blatantly untrue).
  6. Low-cal imitations of higher-calorie foods are great substitutions! (Usually, they’re full of questionable ingredients and just leave you unsatisfied.)
  7. The more calories you burn during your workout, the better! Keep running! (When I was burning the most calories during my workouts, I also weighed the most. Take it or leave it.)
  8. Non-starchy vegetables are always the answer. Eat more of them always! (They’re great, but not always what you need).
  9. Egg whites are a perfect source of protein. (It makes me SO sad when people skip the nutrient-dense yolk.)
  10. There’s a definitive answer to every health/food/nutrition/fitness question — you just have to find it! (Sorry to say, there’s so much conflicting research, you just have to do what works — and makes sense — for you.)

Exactly. Throw away your “fitness” magazines.