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Jun 14

twolimessplease said: hey there! as a gd food genius and someone who seems to have a similar spending pallete, I think you're the perfect person to ask this question: if one were to have two full days in DC (this SunPM+Mon+TuesAM), and was staying downtown (with access to the red loop of the oh-so-touristy big bus and enough savvy to use public transit), where are some of your *must-eat* spots?! I've got Graffiato set up for lunch on Tuesday, but am a bit whelmed otherwise...help!? gracias x 102o0349t38593v582.4

Uh, can I go ahead and assume that if one person says it, it must be true? I’d really like to add “GD Food Genius” to my business cards.

Anyway…spots I’d recommend in a time crunch situation (and their metro stops):

  • Rasika for da best Indian everrrrr (Gallery Place or Archives)
  • America Eats Tavern for an educational experience and a meal all at once (Gallery Place or Archives)
  • Ben’s Chili Bowl because everyone will ask if you went there (U Street)
  • Chef Geoff’s Downtown for the best happy hour - $8 supermugs! (Metro Center or Federal Triangle)
  • Good Stuff Eatery on the hill for quick and delish burgers (Capitol South)
  • Jaleo for tapas by the legendary Jose Andres (Gallery Place)
  • Oyamel for mind-blowing Mexican, again thanks to J.A. (Gallery Place or Archives)

Hope you have an awesome time!