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Apr 14

Too tired and too Monday to come up with a clever food post title.

Our one real meal this week will be queso blanco burgers, which I’ll tell ya right now are pretty great. I’ll have a slew of book club snack foods to tell you about though. 

Last week I made smitten kitchen’s dijon and cognac beef stew….dudes. Maybe not seasonally appropriate but AMAZING. My edits were to double the mushrooms and I ended up having to add some extra beef stock during the cook time since I was worried about evaporation about 60% through. Serve over egg noodles. Be happy.  

Mar 24

Week in Food: 3/24 Menu

Monday: leftover stuffed cabbage I made from Blue Apron (review to come!)

Tuesday: working late

Wednesday: some fennel linguine thing, the last remaining Blue Apron meal

Thursday: cornbread crusted chicken with jalapeno popper sauce and waffles (trust me on that)

Friday: korean beef with broccoli and rice because duh

Mar 16

Weekly Food Post What Do I Even Call This

So again, it was an odd/busy week and midway through I got smacked in the face with some sort of unidentified illness, but I did make sweet potato jalapeno chicken chili and it was okay but did not bowl me over in any way. I’m consistently suspicious of recipes that claim a bunch of liquid will vanish with the pot lid on…mine did not cook down as promised until I took the wheel, removed the lid, and cranked the heat UP for ten minutes. Not offensive, not special. A solid meh. 

This coming week we’re trying out Blue Apron thanks to a invite from a friend (I don’t have any yet, sorry booboos). Stay tuned for my thoughts on that. 

In case you’re wondering what I’m planning for tonight’s dinner,

Cool post, Steph. 

Mar 3

Week in Food: 3/3 Menu

Monday: fancy mac for a couple of snow slugs

Tuesday: home late

Wednesday: chicago deep dish pizza fan club

Thursday: spicy stewed beef with creamy cheddar grits

Friday: something made by someone else

Feb 24

Week in Food: 2/24 Menu

Monday: working late, drinking green juice and spicy lemonade and whatever boring salad/sandwich I pick up

Tuesday: posole lasagna

Wednesday: visit from in-laws = takeout

Thursday: book club! friends and wine and snacks (namely jalapeno popper dip and party breadddd)

Friday: work event

Feb 17

Days in Food: 2/17 Menu

*mic tap*

Anyone still interested in this sorry feature? I’ll do better soon. 

Monday: If I’m being honest with myself and with the world, I got home a half hour ago and gnawed on  leftover ribeye steak, standing up, with my coat and shoes still on. 

Tuesday: buffalo chicken tacos

Wednesday: working

Thursday: probably takeout 

Friday: lasagna soup

Feb 3

Couple Days in Food: 2/3 Menu

February is one hell of a month, commitment-wise…I’m trying.

Monday: I ate onion dip for dinner

Tuesday: portillo’s chopped salad

Wednesday: probable repeat snack meal

Thursday: turning beer-marinated chicken into dillas

Friday: shrug emoji guy 

Jan 27

Week in Food: 1/27 Menu - or - That Time I Didn’t Fully Realize it was Monday until 7:31pm

This week is wackadoo because work and KITTENS and the like, but at some point, in no particular order, I will probably eat these things:

Jan 20

Week in Food: 1/20 Menu

Monday: chicken with forty cloves of garlic, mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli

Tuesday: BLT mac

Wednesday: book club snack dinner

Thursday: crockpot minestrone

Friday: massaged kale caesar topped with roasted chicken

Jan 6

Week in Food: 1/06 Menu

Monday: spicy sausage, kale, and whole wheat orecchiette soup

Tuesday: fancy mac w/ roasted broccoli on the side

Wednesday: working late

Thursday: friend dinner

Friday: beef and broccoli

Dec 23

(Holiday) Week in Food: 12/23 Menu

The plan is to eat the following in no particular order:

Dec 16

Week in Food: 12/16 Menu

Monday: peasant pasta

Tuesday: loaded baked potato soup

Wednesday: Jersey Mike’s opens next to our house…tell me what to get.

Thursday: baked parmesan spaghetti

Friday: let’s cross that bridge if I survive the week

Dec 9

Week in Food: 12/09 Menu

Monday: posole lasagna

Tuesday: cookies for dinner at book club because we’re grown and we CAN

Wednesday: chicken taco bowls

Thursday: creamy brie mac with ritz cracker topping

Friday: jug of wine probably

Dec 2

Week in Food: 12/2 Menu

Monday: orrechiette carbonara

Tuesday - Friday: it’s spicy Dr. Pepper pork time, y’allllllllllll (to be made into tacos/nachos/sammies topped with coleslaw)

Plus a lot of juice because I’m feeling all


Nov 25

(Holiday) Week in Food: 11/25 Menu

Monday: in all honesty, probably Chipotle 

Tuesday: skillet brussels sprouts pizza

Wednesday: cottage pie

Thursday - eternity: FEASTING

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