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Apr 22

Oh look a food post!

We’ve got some meals to eat this week:

I also promised you some reviews:

  • Queso blanco burgers - Is there a name for that gesture where you make the okay sign with your fingers and kiss them? It is super important not to heat the queso too quickly or it’ll get grainy. Be patient. Get a bag of chips for what doesn’t fit on the burgers, friends. 
  • Caramelized onion greek yogurt dip - I didn’t make this but I sure ate it. Would do again. 
  • Killer artichoke bread - A perfectly suitable dinner in my opinion. 

Apr 14

Too tired and too Monday to come up with a clever food post title.

Our one real meal this week will be queso blanco burgers, which I’ll tell ya right now are pretty great. I’ll have a slew of book club snack foods to tell you about though. 

Last week I made smitten kitchen’s dijon and cognac beef stew….dudes. Maybe not seasonally appropriate but AMAZING. My edits were to double the mushrooms and I ended up having to add some extra beef stock during the cook time since I was worried about evaporation about 60% through. Serve over egg noodles. Be happy.  

Apr 6

Things I have Eaten, Things I Will Eat

Cornmeal crusted chicken with jalapeno popper sauce - So, so excellent. Pound the chicken thin to help with tenderness and cooking evenly. I always serve it with waffles (crack black pepper into the batter). Micah made a genius breakfast sandwich out of the leftovers. 

Korean BBQ beef with broccoli - Basic, adaptable recipe. Super quick and flavorful. Do NOT cook everything as long as it says unless you love flaccid broccoli…I add mine at the very end and serve the whole thing over rice. 

Hearty black bean quesadillas - You’re simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone….

Massaged kale caesar - The other love of my life. I can’t wait until our kale plants grow so we can eat this 2x/week. 

Coming up:

  • Buffalo chicken quesadillas (no recipe, just leftover pulled chicken, buffalo sauce, red onion, monterey jack cheese, and blue cheese dressing)
  • Dijon and cognac beef stew 

Mar 9

Food Follow Up: 3/3 Menu

Fancy mac - Forever and ever amen.

Chicago deep dish pizza - Previously reviewed here. Still great, have not deviated from the prescribed toppings (yet). 

Spicy stewed beef with creamy cheddar grits - So it took me a while to come to a conclusion, but after some thought and some tweaks, I would recommend this dish. One, it makes A LOTTA FOOD. She warned me, I semi-listened, but shit guys. 4 cups of grits? Dry? Yeah, go ahead and halve that even if you do the full batch of meat. Bone to pick two, the liquid amount is not real life. That much stock will not miraculously cook down in three hours with a lid….I ended up taking the lid off for the last 30 minutes and cooking it until it was the desired thickness. Three, she’s not fucking around in the title. It is SPICY. I like spicy, just know that this is exactly that. The creamy grits do a great job tempering the heat. All of that said, this reheats like a god damned dream and I would make it again, just less of it. 

Mar 3

Food Follow Up: 2/24 Menu

Posole lasagna - Go make this. It’s a pain in the ass, but it’s enormous and worth it. Also time to plug grinding your own meat because it makes everything leaps and bounds better. 

Jalapeno popper dip - Uh, delicious. I chopped up a couple of fresh jalapenos since I don’t know what they meant by “canned” ones…maybe pickled? Try not to think about the fact that it’s a pound of cream cheese and a pound of mayo. 

Smitten kitchen party bread - Party bread is in the house tonighhhhhhht. There is no way to go wrong with scored bread doused in butter and stuffed with cheese. Michelle’s was phenomenal at book club, I made a kitchen sink version with horseradish cheddar and red pepper flakes as dinner last night. 

Feb 23

Food Follow Up: 2/17 Menu

Buffalo chicken tacos - So good and takes next to no time! Cut the chicken into smaller pieces than you think you need to - those suckers puff up while cooking. 

Lasagna soup - Kicking myself for letting this go so long between repeats. It’s the JAM, friends. All the delicious lasagna taste without the giant pain in the ass of making actual lasagna. Weeping at the thought of the cheese mound at the bottom of the bowl.

Feb 9

Food Follow Up: 2/03 Menu

Portillo’s chopped salad - MMM. I usually don’t add the chicken, it doesn’t need it but is good both ways. Maybe not the best if you are concerned about your breath. 

Beer-marinated chicken - Still the best. I threw the thighs in the crock pot on low for 4ish hours and send the praise up. Excellent quesadilla stuffing. 

Feb 2

Food Follow Up: Things I Ate the Week of 1/27

Chicken posole verde - Can’t and won’t speak to the authenticity of this recipe but wow so good. Much flavor. There are helpful little shortcuts at the end of the post if that’s your bag but I can’t imagine box broth would hold a candle to the full instructions. Not hard, just requires planning ahead. 

Chicken taco bowls - Previously reviewed here (but I do this in a slow cooker now). 

Broccoli mac + cheese - Previously reviewed here.

Jan 26

Food Follow Up: 1/20 Menu

Chicken with forty cloves of garlic - Previously reviewed here. Garlic lovers rejoice. 

BLT mac - So time got away from me and I’m only just making this tonight but I still stand by my previous assessment

Crockpot minestrone - I’m obsessed with this, Micah tolerates it. Previously reviewed here

Massaged kale caesar - All hail kale. Topping with roasted chicken is MONEY IN THE BANK. 

Jan 19

Food Follow Up: 1/13 Menu

Peasant pasta - Just go make this, would you? I use 1 lb spicy Italian sausage and as much cream as I damn well please. 

Cincinnati chili - Up there in the highest echelons of chili. It’s a weird combo of ingredients that really work. Also takes forever to cook, but if you are pressed for time I bet this would work pretty well in a crockpot. Or if you’re me just start eating after 2.5 instead of the 3.5 hours. Call the police see if I care. 

And for what it’s worth my pizza ended up being this dough plus these toppings plus shredded brussels sprouts and it was the opposite of terrible. 

Jan 12

Food Follow Up: 1/06 Menu

Spicy sausage, kale, and whole wheat orecchiette soup - Simple, easy, flavorful. I have more complicated versions in my repertoire but since these are ingredients normally sitting in my kitchen I have a feeling I’ll be coming back to this soup again and again. Note that this calls for spicy italian sausage AND an additional 1/2 teaspoon of pepper flakes. That’s a fair amount of heat so dial it back if you’re sensitive. Use whatever kind of pasta you want because it doesn’t matter. 

Fancy mac - This recipe is my existence. Make it. 

Beef and broccoli - Perfect sticky takeout sauce consistency without the fear of shady takeout meat. Serve over jasmine rice. Top with sriracha. Be happy with your life. 

Dec 29

NOW (That’s What I Call Food) 2013

Awwww yeah kids it is seriously time again to rank everything I made and ate this year. Many are returning champions, some flamed out in spectacular fashion. Enjoy!





D(on’t bother)


Dec 22

Food Follow Up: 12/16 Menu

Peasant pasta - Make this so often it now takes 20 minutes flat. I use a pound of spicy Italian sausage and as much heavy cream as I’m feeling that day. And more peas. Way more peas. 

Loaded baked potato soup - This soup is a hug. The most comforting. Still agree with my previous assessment here.

Baked parmesan spaghetti - This recipe isn’t reinventing any wheels, but if you’re looking for spaghetti with meat sauce flavor you’ll get it. We aren’t a long noodle loving family so I used gemelli since it’s what we had. I also ended up using a full jar of pasta sauce and still thought it could’ve been saucier. 

Dec 16

Food Follow Up: 12/9 Menu

Shit guys, it was a good week.

Posole lasagna - Been making this for years because it’s that amazing. Previously raved about here

Chicken taco bowls - If you are a meat eater who owns a crock pot, I’m not going to tell you again. Previously reviewed here. I also gave the mas malo salsa hack a try, pretty rich by itself but outstanding as a condiment. 

Creamy brie mac with ritz cracker topping - Knocked the wind out of me. I hate to admit how much I loved the ritz cracker topping, but DAMN. I left out the cheddar, it didn’t seem necessary to me but you do you. Please do not blow your grocery budget on the different cheeses; if you have some brie and some swiss, you’re fine. 

Dec 8

Food Follow Up: 12/02 Menu

Orecchiette carbonara - I can never spell this pasta correctly on the first try and I find cleaning leeks to be a giant ass splinter but damn this is a perfect recipe. 

Spicy Dr. Pepper pork - HGH recipe hall of fame. Absolute best pulled pork. 

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